Our Allies

isc(this page is under construction as new material is being added!)

National Organizations

pbilogoPublic Banking Institute

PBI works nationally and through local affiliates to promote public banking in the US. Their website is a great source for information on money, banking, and innovative ways to get public finance under democratic control. PBI hosts regular national conferences on public banking and provides networking and strategic support to groups seeking to promote public banking on the state, county or city level.


State- and Local Level Groups 

dcwebsiteDC Public Banking Center

The  DC Public Banking Center seeks to establish a bank that is publicly owned and publicly accountable, in partnership with local financial institutions, to provide the city of Washington with sound financial services that will help create environmental sustainability; promote local jobs, local businesses and affordable housing; and enhance the financial health of the city’s general fund.

Fiscal Sponsor

Alliance for Democracy

The mission of the Alliance for Democracy is to free all people from corporate domination of politics, economics, the environment, culture and information; to establish true democracy; and to create a just society with a sustainable, equitable economy.

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